Stress Stories: Stress Congress!

Empower Your Career Path with Stress Congress 2025

By Caj Donkervoort

Navigating through the vast landscape of potential employers can be a daunting task for students. The cumbersome process of sifting through application forms and reaching out to numerous companies can be overwhelming. Enter the Stress Congress – your gateway to simplifying this challenge and forging meaningful connections with future employers.

Hosted by the study association, the Stress Congress is designed with a primary goal in mind: to facilitate students in establishing valuable connections with companies. Whether you're seeking a thesis assignment or simply exploring the working environment you aspire to join, this event provides a unique platform. Engage in insightful conversations with representatives from various companies, gaining valuable insights into your potential professional journey.

The event-packed day includes a Company Fair, Business Cases, Personal Skills Training, and a Company Dinner, ensuring a diverse range of networking opportunities. Reflecting on our past success, the organizing committee is proud to have met ambitious goals for the 2024 edition. As part of the committee, members have honed essential skills for their future careers, such as navigating a professional environment, managing substantial budgets, making crucial decisions, effective team communication, and establishing connections with diverse teams and companies.

Now, as we set our sights on the Stress Congress 2025, we invite you to join our dynamic team and contribute to another successful event. If you're eager to take on challenges, gain valuable experience, and make a difference, send your CV and motivation letter to Be part of an enriching experience that not only connects students with companies but also shapes your own professional journey.

Join us in making Stress Congress 2025 a resounding success!


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