The Study Tour is one of the minors offered by the University of Twente. Stress members can join the Study Tour. Participants of the Study Tour are going to visit several companies and do cases to see similarities and differences between the business world in the Netherlands and the rest of the world. We have visited the United States, Portugal, Singapore and Vietnam in the past years.


Target group/year: Second-year students
Duration: Whole year
Intensity: 4-8 hours per week

Committee Members

  • Ahmed Saadawy (Chairman)
  • Daniël Wonink (Treasurer)
  • Beril Socar (Foreign)
  • Stijn Dollenkamp (External)
  • Lex de Jager (Research
  • Lennart Hendriksen (Travel)


StudyTour 2023-2024

Study Tour Committee 2023-2024