Stress is the study association for the following two studies: (International) Business Administration ((I)BA) and Industrial Engineering & Management (IEM). As a study association we help you with different aspects of your study, these are:

  • Discount on books
    • Ordering books can be done at the left of this page (only when logged in).
  • Providing summaries
    • Summaries can be found in the menu to the left (only when logged in).
    • Do you have a new or better summary? Send it to and even get paid for it.
  • Trainings and study sessions
    • Do you have a good idea for an academic training or a course for a study session? Then please have a talk with the commissioner of Educational Affairs.
  • Ideas & Complaints
    • For all your ideas and complaints about your study you can go to the commissioner of Educational Affairs or the education / master committee. Complaints can also be sent in via the following form.
  • Tutor Platform
    • If you need help with a course or you can help others with a course, you can fill in one of the forms in our tutor platform. More information can be found at the menu on the left.

The person to go to for all your questions is the commissioner of educational affairs. This year this is Karen Taselaar. To support her there is the Education Committee (EC) and the Master Committee. These can be contacted at and
​ To see who are in these committees, have a look at their page which can be found in the menu to the left