Stress is the study association for Business Administration (BA), International Business Administration (IBA) and Industrial Engineering and Management (IEM) of the University of Twente. Stress was founded on May 21st, 1974.​

Currently, Stress has over 2100 members and is the largest UT (study) association. Stress organizes various activities to support, expand and complement all of its studies. Stress has five principles, which will greatly enhance your time as a student: Study, Meet, Practice, Develop and International. Following these, several activities are organized by the roughly 110 active members, and are partially made possible thanks to the sponsorship and participation of various companies. Moreover, we have regular contact with other business and management study associations across the Netherlands.


Study Association Stress has an official mission that is stated in the Statutes as follows:

“The mission of the Association is to stimulate the academic and personal development of members by offering its members the opportunity to expand, complement and practice the studies Business Administration (BA), Industrial Engineering and Management (IEM), and International Business Administration (IBA).”


To make this mission more concrete some objectives have been formulated, which can be found in the Operational Regulations:

  • “To represent the study-related interests of the students BA, IEM, and IBA at the University of Twente.
  • To organize extracurricular activities.
  • To act as an intermediary between students and companies.
  • To develop the ability of members to organize events.
  • To provide service to its members.
  • To stimulate the contacts between students and former students BA, IEM, and IBA and employees of the faculty of Behavioural, Management & Social sciences.”


Moreover, there are two preconditions which should be taken into account:

  • “In the first place, being active at Stress may not lead to excessive study delay.
  • Second, the continuity of the study association may never perish, for Stress could realize its mission now and in the future.”

If you still have any further questions or comments, please visit us in the Stress room: Ravelijn, RA 1336.