There are different ways of finding rooms in Enschede. These are some of the websites that you can use to find a room.

The most advisable one for international students is the facebook marketplace of the University. To become part of this facebook page you have to ask to become a member and give them your student number.That is to ensure only students join and the groups are not overcrowded. Besides the marketplace there are also the more traditional Dutch websites. These are Roomspot en Kamernet. We do advise you to start in time with your room search, since there is a housing shortage. When you apply for housing accommodation in some cases it does not mean you get the room automatically. There are two types of housing, one that is provided via the student house itself and one which is provided by the University of Twente. 

Housing of University of Twente

The University of Twente has two on-campus housing facilities (Camelot and de Veste), and four off campus housing facilities (Persan Vastgoed, ITC international hotel, Stadsweide and Xior). If you are a first year international student coming to the Netherlands, you have some priority in getting a room from the University. This is the “Special offer UT” section on Roomspot. Roomspot is the website provided by the University of Twente to find housing accommodation in Enschede, more information on how to use Roomspot can be found here. However, do watch out for the renting terms since some of the accommodations have a renting term of one year.

Student house

Normally, when the offer includes a small piece about the house, or who is living there, you can assume that the students living there get to pick their new roommate. In this case, it is customary to send some information about yourself to that house with your interests, hobby’s and study. When you apply for a room in a student house you can get an invite to a hospitation talk. This talk is some kind of interview such that your possible roommates can see if you fit within their house. For more information on how to tackle a room application for a student provided house, check the link here.