The BMS-Easy Access team is hiring!

As a student, you know that there are rules and restrictions regarding the use of copyrighted material. These rules also apply to universities and lecturers when using study materials. The UT’s policy in this is to link to online sources when possible instead of publishing the articles on Canvas. To ensure that we (the UT) properly handle copyrighted material and avoid high fines for the UT and the faculty, we need to check all Canvas sites on the use of copyrighted material.

Do you work meticulously, like the freedom of planning your own hours, and do you enjoy having a team to fall back on? This is what can you expect:

  • Check documents on Canvas sites of BMS courses for the use of copyrighted material;
  • search for alternative solutions (e.g. links to online sources, etc.);
  • register all information about the course and the use of copyrighted material found on the canvas site and possible solutions;
  • keep in contact with the course lecturers and discuss your findings (advice for changes and improvements);
  • implementing changes (after consulting the lecturer).

The expected time investment is about 15 hours per month. This of course also depends on your availability.

Are you interested? Then send a short motivation before April 21st to Mieke van der Meulen.​​​​​​​