The UT Language Centre

The UT Language Centre helps to develop language skills. They offer different types of workshops and courses for students, staff members and non-UT members. The teaching is offered in English and Dutch. 

Language and communication

There are different level courses for Dutch, English, German, Mandarin Chinese and Spanish. English and Dutch courses that last longer than a one-day workshop have a registration fee of 25 euros. Fees of the other courses can be found from the course page of the website of the Language centre. One-day workshops are free for all UT-students. More information about the courses, for example possible intake requirements, can be found from the UTLC website. 

Skills lab

Skills lab aims to help students to study more effectively and successfully. They offer workshops and courses focusing on studying skills, communication skills and personal and professional skills. Skills lab focuses for example on intercultural communication and international work.

Writing centre

The Language Centre also offers workshops on academic writing. These workshops cover topics like writing process, structure, academic tone and grammar. They also offer one-on-one help with English and Dutch texts.

Get a Buddy

The Buddy Program is offered by the Student Union and aimed to help international students with the integration to the Netherlands. The participants are paired with a Dutch student or another international student who has already spent at least 6 months at the University of Twente. Many different activities are organised to help to get familiar with the Dutch culture.

Most of the activities and events are free. Some may require a small fee. The duration of the programme is six months. You can find more information on the program and where to register here.

World Associations

There are different associations that are useful for non- Dutch to know about that are within Enschede. There is a big group of associations within the university that are for Internationals specifically. You have associations that are related to different continents, or different religions, to make sure that everyone feels at home here in Enschede. You can find these associations here, be aware that they are not related to the study association, but stand on their own.