Companies at Study Association Stress

Study Association Stress wants to provide her members with a good orientation on future employers. Many of our more than 2.200 students look towards our events, social media and website to guide them, advise them and inspire them about the opportunities that await after graduation, or even in their spare time. We do this together with our team of dedicated activists and our partners from the business world.

Become a partner!

Because of this, Stress can offer your company many different ways of reaching out to potential new hires, of which there will always be one form that suits your needs. Among others we offer:

  • Lunch lectures
  • Business cases
  • Company fairs
  • Stress Congress (symposium)
  • Social media campaigns
  • Website promotion
Mika Hoekstra | External Affairs

In the long history of our association, we have gained a vast amount of experience in organising company-related activities for our now more than 2000 members. We are interested in knowing which students you want to reach out to and how we can help you and the student get in touch with each other. We are always ready to have an open conversation about what you wish to achieve, and how we can make it work together. 


If you're interested in coming into contact with Stress about the possibilities don't hesitate to contact the Commissioner of External Affairs via and then we can see what we can do for you.

Mika Hoekstra

+31 6 51564486