Operational Regulations

The Operational Regulations are additional rules and guidelines on the statutes of the association. A lot of standard procedures and practices that should be followed are stated in this document.

Operational Regulations


​The English version of the Bylaws is not legally binding and no rights can be obtained from this document. The official bylaws can be found in the Dutch version. 


File name File size
Official bylaws S.A. Stress.pdf 233.3 kB
Translation_of_the_Bylaws.pdf 260.9 kB

General Members Assembly documents

Below, you can find the documents used at the General Members Assemblies of Stress

How to GMA

File name File size
How to GMA backside.pdf 151.6 kB
How to GMA frontside.pdf 146.6 kB

GMD May 2023

File name File size
Budget_2022-2023.pdf 87.6 kB
Letter_from_the_board_on_the_setup.pdf 64.5 kB

GMD November 2022

File name File size
Explanation_GMD_topics.pdf 54.4 kB
GMD_Slides.pdf 1.4 MB

94th GMA

File name File size
94th_GMA_minutes.pdf 240.1 kB
Agenda_94th_GMA.pdf 98.0 kB
Recommendation_website.pdf 508.2 kB
Requirements_list.pdf 90.0 kB

88th GMA

85th GMA

File name File size
Agenda_85th_GMA.pdf 260.1 kB
Minutes_85th_GMA.pdf 773.3 kB