Bekader is the alumni association for the studies of (International) Business Administration and Industrial Engineering & Management. It’s our mission is to connect students, alumni, and the scientific community of University of Twente.

Alumni, scientists/educators and students all benefit from easy and open access to this network we form together for numerous reasons. Bekader has placed itself in the position to be the connecting platform for all these groups by working closely with the faculty and Study Association Stress. Membership to Bekader is open to alumni, students, and staff of above mentioned studies.

What we do for the community we serve:

  1. Frequent newsletters with news about alumni, Stress, science and the Faculty;
  2. Jointly organized events with Faculty and/or Stress;
  3. Creating valuable networks for individual professional needs;
  4. Membership meetings.

Types of events we organize / promote / support:

  • Webinars on innovative technologies and developments
  • Company visits / excursions
  • Conferences and workshops about management, entrepreneurship, business in today’s world in practice and science
  • Organize contests for graduation theses and scientific publications.

We will continue to work on connecting alumni, students, and university staff, and we want to get connected to you too! So follow us on LinkedIn and become a member so that you can enjoy the benefits of this wonderful and interesting network and stay in touch with those who went before you!

The Alumni Affairs officer from Stress is Lydia Mak, who is part of both the Stress and Bekader board, and can be contacted on:

Alumni Events

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