Stress ski trip to Risoul!

By Maud Punte

Thursday, March 28 was the day, the ski trip in Risoul could begin!!! At noon we boarded the bus and we went on our way with a lot of fun. There was a pubquiz and music bingo in the bus in the theme of Risoul, skiing and of course apres-ski. This kept us busy during the long drive to Risoul.

Friday morning we finally arrived at our destination and were able to ski. Because we couldn't get into our rooms yet, changing clothes had to be done outside in the snow or in containers, but even that went fine. The weather was great and there was more than enough snow. The first runs in the snow were quickly made. A few went into ski lessons, which was also a great success and it went really well. The rest went down the slopes on their own, with a few of them also quickly diving into the snow. In the afternoon everyone got together for lunch and new energy for the rest of the day. There was still a long day with the après-ski ahead of us. It was a big party for all of us, with laughter, dancing, drinking and singing. And the necessary half liters of beer and jagerbombs were consumed.

The next morning started a bit rough and most of us were a bit hungover. But what could be better than to go out in the cold and snow and have a nice day of skiing, because it was snowing. So, we were all back on the slopes on time and we lasted a very long time. This was largely due to a pleasant surprise, namely 2 bunnies with presents in the snow, which was one of the highlights of the trip. Maud and Bart from the committee went down the slopes dressed as bunny’s and hid shots in different places for the rest to find. This was a great success, people searched fanatically and the flugel and Jägermeister tasted delicious. The ski lift was of course the perfect moment to enjoy the shots. As a result, the skiing afternoon also became more and more fun and people took a dip in the snow more often 😉.

Back at the rooms a quick warm-up, since it had snowed all day and we had all turned into snowmen. Then our rooms turned into pleasant drinking rooms until the après-ski began. Once again, a very fun evening where not everyone remembered everything.

The next morning started too early, since the clock had been moved foreward and we also had to be out of our rooms early. This in combination with the night before was not a great success for the most of us. Fortunately, we were able to ski all day after that, but many of us needed a nap during the lunch. To round off the trip, we went to a lovely heated outdoor pool where we could relax in the snow.

In the evening, unfortunately, we already had to return by bus and the atmosphere was a lot quieter than the outward journey. Everyone had fallen asleep pretty quickly, after this tired ski trip and noticed little of the bus ride.

So, we all look back on a fantastic ski trip with lots of fun, snow and plenty of drinks. Big thanks to the committee who organized everything!

We are already looking forward to next time!!!


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