Celebrating 50 Years of Stress: Soaring to New Heights

A report by Liam Stegeman

This year marks the 50th anniversary of Stress. Half a century is a long time, and that had to be celebrated in a way that would leave its members with their heads in the clouds – literally.

To commemorate this special milestone, the Lustrum Committee organized a glider flying event in collaboration with the Twentse Zweefvliegclub. Over the span of 3 days, 60 members got the chance to take to the skies and see Enschede from a whole new perspective. To say that the tickets were sold out fast would be an understatement. Everyone was incredibly excited to get this opportunity.

When our group arrived, we were led to a viewing area where we could watch every member’s expression on their faces while taking off and landing, which proved quite funny later. With three giant planes being prepped on the field in front of us, our instructors lectured us on some basic rules and safety guidelines, and after the formal introduction, we were ready to take off.

For many, including myself, it was a first-time experience, and while everyone was very excited, this was the point that the nerves started to kick in. Watching the first participants getting pulled off the ground did not help. The sheer power that took the planes soaring into the skies was impressive to behold. However, those nerves were settled down quite quickly when the first people returned to the ground and told us that the rush during take-off only added to the fun.

And indeed, the sensation of being airborne was nothing short of sensational, and the panoramic views of Enschede left everyone in awe. From the Grolsch Veste to the Horst-tower and the campus, I could see everything. After being in the air for a bit, my instructor even let me fly the airplane. The feeling of being in control of such a huge flying machine is just something else.

What I loved most about the event was the fun we had on the ground. Talking about what we had seen from above and the emotions that we felt, caused a bonding moment with people I already knew, and people that I had never talked to before. Everyone was happy and the atmosphere was great.

In conclusion, the event organized to celebrate Stress’s 50th anniversary was nothing short of amazing. It served as a reminder that beyond the books and lectures, university life is about creating memories and meeting new people. I can honestly say that this event was something that I will never forget.


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