We are the Lustrum Committee (or LusCie) and are responsible for organizing all lustrum activities
for an entire year. A lustrum is the 5-year anniversary of the association, which will be celebrated
accordingly. We are active for two years instead of the usual one to ensure all events are a great
success! We will organize everything from parties to company events, bring out merch and
everything else. This all sounds amazing, but who are we?

Committee Members

- Aletta Lohschelder (Chair)
- Hanna Sturm (Treasurer)
- Merle Spekreijse (Marketing Officer)
- Roy Koers (Interim-Chairman)
- Jeremy Blaauw (Interim-Chairman and Facilities Manager)
- Tijn Jan Kooi

Check us out!

Together with our committee responsible we will be making sure our 50th anniversary will be
celebrated like never before. Our lustrum theme is yet to be announced, but be sure to keep your
eyes out on our Instagram for any updates on Lustrum X!!!

Golden Days

On de 22nd of May we revealed the theme for the tenth lustrum of S.A. Stress “Golden Days"!
Of course, the 50th anniversary is endlessly connected to the color gold.  We want to step it up a notch by making this year full of even more Golden Days of Stress. We started the lustrum with a Golden Day by announcing the theme to the whole UT by flexing in gold morphsuits at O&O Square.
Of course, in the afternoon there was also a drink in the MBasement to celebrate the start of the lustrum with free beer and a slice of pizza in exchange for a partyhat.
We also handed out bingo cards, with which you can win amazing prizes at the year’s end by joining all events. The first merch was also dropped, the summer pack and the lustrum sweater.  You can still collect your bingo card or more information on the merch at the Stress room.

Lustrum X committee