Szia! Hopefully you are just as excited for this year's StressTrip as we are. Our committee has been working hard to ensure this Trip is going to become one to never forget! This year we are going to the beautiful capital of Hungary, namely Budapest! This vibrant city is renowned for its remarkable architecture, relaxing thermal baths, and flavorful cuisine. We are trying our best to keep the price between €150 - €250 for the weekend, but as you can imagine it all depends on the number of participants! So gather all your friends and bring them along to this trip of a lifetime! 

* ‘Szia’ is Hungarian for ‘hello’        

With 30 participants, the costs will be roughly €290,- p.p. With 40 participants, €200,- and with 50 participants even €150,- p.p.! This includes all the travel costs and the stay at the hostel. Furthermore, Budapest is relatively cheap. For example, half a liter of beer will cost you around €1,31. 

Practical info:

- We leave by bus on Thursday the 16th of May at around 20:00

- We return on Monday the 20th in the evening (You won't miss any classes on Monday because it is Whit Monday, which is a public holiday)

- We will stay in the Maverick Urban Lodge Hungary, Budapest

- The sign-ups will close on the 22nd of March. Make sure to sign up before then :)

- Once you are signed up you can no longer sign out. 




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