Have you heard already? Paradoks and Stress have their Lustrums this year, so it’s a double party🎊!! But of course, it’s also a battle, because who has the best Lustrum? If you want to take part in this battle against the other association with physical, amusing and fun games🎲, sign up now! To ensure everyone has equal opportunities, we’ll eat a delicious pizza with the opponents at 18.00🍕. Thereafter, we can start this great battle of the Lustrums.

You can participate with a team of 4, of which only the teamcaptain has to sign up and therefore has to give all pizza’s of their team. The cost will be 5 euros for the whole team + the cost for the pizzas. Make sure that the best lustrum wins (ours) and represent the biggest and the best!

*It is not possible to order pizzas anymore*

*It is possible to enroll alcohol free*


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