Mark your calendar on the 27th of February for the biggest career event of the year; it's time for Stress Congress 2024! On this day, over 18 companies and several speakers will come to Enschede to develop and inspire you. You will get the opportunity to develop yourself further professionally and get in contact with your future employer.

These are the attending companies which you can get in contact with:

  • Company Fair: Actemium, Supply Value, BDO, Cape Group, Aevas Benefit, Baker Tilly, Deloitte, Moore MKW, Mazars, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, YER, Jonker & Schut, Müller, Nijhof Wassink Group, Bolk Transport, iTrainee, Infor, Eshuis
  • Company Lectures: ASML, Jonker & Schut
  • Company Cases: Nike, Deloitte, Aevas Benefit, Supply Value, Infor
  • Company Trainings: Cape Group
  • Company Dinner: Deloitte, Aevas Benefit, Eshuis

Check out the website for the entire schedule, all speakers and other information during the day.

There will be buses from Campus and Enschede Central Station to and from Vliegveld Twenthe at 8:50, 17:15 and 20:30.

The signup deadline is the 16th of February, so make sure to register on time!


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