Are you talented, ambitious and interested in the world of IT Consulting? Would you like to learn more about SAP - the most widely used business software in the world focused on optimizing business processes? Then don't miss the iTrainee lunch lecture on December 14th during lunch! 

Youri Spapens is part of the Talent & Operations team at iTrainee and has already guided dozens of young, talented people to a career as SAP consultant. In this lecture Youri will tell you more about our traineeship, what SAP is, and how important this software is in business. We will also look at your future at one of our 120 clients such as Deloitte, ASML, Hema, Heineken, Achmea and many more... Are you curious about the world of a SAP Consultant? Then sign up now! We will provide free lunch. 


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